3 Ways Pharmacies Benefit from Technology

Efficiency is one of the most important things to have in a successful pharmacy with satisfied patients. Technology has made the pharmacy experience much quicker and efficient, improving customer service and giving employees access to more resources. Let’s discuss three benefits pharmacies have received from technology.


IVR systems reduce the risk of human error when giving medications to patients, as it is necessary that each individual receives the right medication and dosage. In the past, technicians would perform visual checks of prescriptions and pharmacists would perform visual verifications. Now, it is possible to verify medications using e-verification software that is integrated into many pharmacy ivr systems.

Pill Counters

When patients receive medications, they are receiving a prescribed dose and number of pills that are meant to be taken as instructed by a doctor or health care professional. To fill these prescriptions without any help from technology, pharmacy employees would count each pill by hand and then distribute prescriptions. Pill counters are systems that verify the medication and dosage then place the correct number of pills in the container, reducing the risk of errors.

Telepharmacy Services

pharmacy ivr systems

The implementation of digital technology has changed the way that businesses and health care professionals can provide services and goods to individuals around the world. In rural areas, where households may not have access to services that urban areas provide, telepharmacy allows them to get care and handle health-related tasks. Patients can remotely fill prescriptions, get consultations, and speak with professionals about any medical questions or concerns you may have.

Pharmacies have benefitted from the introduction of new technology, which streamlines processes and makes it easier for patients to get premium care from professionals. E-verification, pill counters, and telepharmacy services have changed the way pharmacies handle patients and medication distribution while improving the pharmaceutical process.