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Computer Technician Tips

As a computer technician you will have a lot of customers and clients come in wanting you to look at their computer and fix the issues that they are having.  In many cases you will want to take what they bring to you and take it to computer recycling toronto center instead of working on it.  However, these computers are what these people have, and you need to treat them just as if they were your own.  Here are some tips to helping you deal with these outdated computers and unruly customers.

Listen to their issues

Many customers that come in will have a lot to say about the issues that they are having with their computers.  Many will use wrong terminology, think that one issue is a totally different issue and want you to back up a lot and a lot of questionable material.  When you get them just grin and write down notes.  Then when you have a chance to actually look at the issues you will have a better idea what is needed.

Tell them that you are not responsible for their data

When people bring in a computer to be worked on they are under the misconception that you are responsible for backing up their data and information.  This is not the case.  Tell customers that your job is to get it working again and that if it means they lose what they have then it is not your responsibility.  Make sure that all work is signed off on before you even touch the machine. 

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Encourage upgrades

You want to encourage your customers to upgrade and keep the most up to date machine on hand.  This is not a try to sell them something they don’t need situation but rather an efficiency issue.  When we deal with viruses and general software, they will require faster processors, more ram and operating system updates.  If you are running on an outdated or not top of the line for what you need computer, then you are wasting time and money.