Why Quality Assurance Important In Aerospace Industry

What significance can be attached to the aerospace industry? A lot. Given what is at stake here, it must surely, be one of the most important industries operating on the global scale, and, as it turns out, almost on the universal scale. That is because the aerospace industry now stretches to outer space, beyond the reach of the earth’s atmosphere and fragile ozone layers. Long before any craft is allowed to see the light of day in the open skies and beyond, all aerospace fittings, fasteners and components need to be thoroughly inspected.

Just to be specific, the aerospace industries takes care of the business of building and maintaining aircraft carriers or airplanes. It also takes care of the building of what the layman may fondly refer to as spaceships. Aircraft carriers or airplanes? That raises an interesting point. Not aircraft carriers or airplanes, but aircraft carriers and airplanes. It should be quite important to get such definitions straightened out in the first instance.

And this indeed is what quality assurance or quality control technicians will be out to do right from the beginning of their highly specialized work. To be a QA or QC clerk is nothing to be snuffed at. Such men and women assigned to their specific tasks, have highly important and responsible roles attached to their work. Needless to say the quality assurance technician will have a sound knowledge of the aircraft industry he is attached to.

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He will have appropriate engineering qualifications. He may even have been an airplane pilot in his day. Let’s just say that for now he has been professionally grounded. But his qualifications go beyond the industry he is destined to pilot. He has that innate ability to see things that other eyes cannot.